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Justin Timberlake responde las preguntas de los fans en Twitter

El actor respondió a las preguntas de sus seguidores en Twitter, desde su MacBook, antes de despegar en un avión en Nueva York. Justin Timberlake, además de anunciar que repetirá la experiencia próximamente, animó a sus seguidores a ver «Friends With Benefits», la comedia romántica que protagoniza de estreno este viernes en Estados Unidos.

  • jtimberlake: We’ll do this again! pic.twitter.com/O1ZZhnd
  • jtimberlake: Hey guys, gotta take off. I wonder if they’ll let me fly the plane. See @FWB or you aren’t my friend anymore…
  • jtimberlake: My dogs They have the easiest life ever!!!
  • Me_and_1D Kerriann: if you could be a dog what dog would it be??
  • jtimberlake: I surfed in Hawaii for a month and only showered twice!!! I’m not gonna lie, I smelled!!
  • thislovingearth secreto: What is the longest you’ve gone without showering?
  • jtimberlake: My grandma’s kitchen!!
  • jtimberlake: Alright, time for three more…
  • jtimberlake: Depends who I’m playing…just kidd’n. It’s a 6.
  • msadriperez Adriana Perez: what’s your handicap?
  • jtimberlake: My dogs
  • Mz908 Monica: @JTimberlake, if your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you grabbed?
  • jtimberlake: Flying would be cool
  • Mikaylajj48 Mikayla Ragovin: If you could have any super power what would it be and why?
  • jtimberlake: Looney Tunes
  • DaniCarias Daniela Carias: Which is your favorite cartoon?
  • jtimberlake: Karaoke is Desperado by the Eagles. If you get @TraceAyala drunk enough we’ll sing. In the car, Radiohead so I don’t get road rage.
  • thislovingearth secreto: Your favorite song to belt out at karaoke or in the car?
  • jtimberlake: Not sure, but I come to Memphis every chance I get. It’s my favorite place on the planet.
  • carleeray217 Carlee Ray: when are you coming to Memphis?
  • jtimberlake: In the current situation, 100%
  • Speedskatingfan SpeedSkatingFan: what are the chances of getting you to answer one of my questions?
  • jtimberlake: That is tough…we shot #FWB in NYC. I got to see some of the best parts of the city and NYC is the best city in the world!
  • Daisyforyou Daisyforyou: what’s the one thing in NYC you haven’t done that you would like to do.
  • jtimberlake: Work out and hit the gym…break a sweat…get outside!!
  • BrunoFansNYC Hooligan for life: What do you do to release tension because I am stressed out to the max right now :-(
  • jtimberlake: Stopped drinking beer, stopped eating cupcakes and I ran to work every day uphill both ways.
  • calfont Courtney Alfont: what did you have to do to prepare for your role in FWB? longer days at the gym??
  • jtimberlake: Justin «doesn’t stand a chance in hell against all those UFC guys» Timberlake… Too long?
  • blistertoe blistertoe: What would be your UFC fight name? Justin the….Timberlake
  • jtimberlake: Take the opportunity right now to learn and try everything you can! You only get one shot at a first impression.
  • xRickyRamonx Erica Juarez: So excited to see #FWB this weekend! My question for you is what is your advice to an aspiring artist like yourself?
  • jtimberlake: I’d like to think I’m not, but I probably am!
  • kelliknoxville Kelli Suziebelly: ]
    @JTimberlake Are you a sentimental person?
  • jtimberlake: My hole-in-one at Lakeside Golf Club. 182 yds, wind in your face, 5 iron, great shot, it bounced one time and into the hole!
  • jtimberlake: A driver, a tee and a golf ball so I could hit the longest drive ever!
  • kbrionp Krizia Perito: If you could travel to the moon and leave one thing behind for others to find, what would it be?
  • jtimberlake: U talk about the scene the same way you talk about any other scene! Whether it’s funny or dramatic, you want to play what is real.
  • MelanieRose1912 Melanie Fisher-Hamm: How do you approach a love scene with another actress, what do u do to break the ice?
  • jtimberlake: My grandpa also told me, «don’t lose your head over a little piece of tail!»
  • jtimberlake: Don’t eat yellow snow.
  • dieKARIN Karin: What’s your life motto?
  • jtimberlake: People’s response to @FWB, time with family and hitting the links.
  • alonadeb Alona: what are you most looking forward to in the upcoming months?
  • jtimberlake: Egypt
  • sexxystarr1009 ChiChi: is there any place in the world that you haven’t visited yet, that you would love to?
  • jtimberlake: This is great! Keep ‘em coming!!!
  • jtimberlake: I know it’s terrible, but I’ve never seen one Harry Potter! I’m going to watch them all so I can see the last one in the theatre.
  • IvyX44 Ivy K: Do you like harry Potter ?
  • jtimberlake: Absolutely! Not only is she a great actor, but she’s fun to be around!
  • nuriaagonzalez Nuria Gonzalez: Have you enjoyed working with Mila Kunis?
  • jtimberlake: Hilarious! Humble! Short!
  • AlmaBorovci Alma Borovci: Describe Mila Kuins in 3 words
  • jtimberlake: The Shining
  • MichyRox15 Michy Diaz: What is your favorite horror movie? #FWB
  • jtimberlake: They are both amazing genres to work in, but if I have to choose there is nothing like making people laugh.
  • disneychickk Michelle Lozinski: I’ve been a fan for 12yrs & I know you’re a funny guy! Do you prefer drama or comedy and why?
  • jtimberlake: The kind you get to eat.
  • miraberre Amirah Mayes: Whats your favorite ice cream flavor!? :)
  • jtimberlake: has. I think every guy can relate.
  • jtimberlake: In the airport with Richard Jenkins who plays my dad becuase 1) he is an amazing actor and 2) its my favorite relationship my character…
  • mad_holly Madeline Holiman: which scene was your favorite to film and why? #fwb
  • jtimberlake: I do think they could win 1 more and I do think he’ll go down as 1 of the greatest guards of all time!
  • AshActually Ashley Jordan: do you think the Lakers have one more in them before Kobe retires?
  • jtimberlake: In the middle of one of my concerts.
  • kriscappawhat Kristina Cappuccilli: if you could do a flash mob like the one in the movie, where would you do it?
  • jtimberlake: Let’s do this!!! #askjt
  • jtimberlake: Excited to see your questions. The Q&A starts at 6:30pm ET, but start sending ‘em with #askjt…now! I’ll answer some early ones first!
  • jtimberlake: With @FWB opening, I wanna hear from you! 24 hours from now, tweet your questions with #askjt

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WOW!!!q guay!!!me alegro por ella!!:D


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:D Gracias por contárnoslo ¡! Ah, y enhorabuena a tu amiga ;)

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