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Justin Timberlake en la fiesta de estreno de «The Phone»

Justin Timberlake estuvo presente en la fiesta celebrada debido a la premiere de «The Phone», programa de televisión del que es director ejecutivo. En las imágenes se le puede ver con Eugene Young, de FremantleMedia North America, Lois Curren, David Schiff y John MacDonald de MTV. La celebración tuvo lugar el 20 de abril en MyHouse, Hollywood, California.

Justin Timberlake doesn’t watch a lot of TV but wants you to watch ‘The Phone’

Justin Timberlake likes to make people squirm, and now MTV’s paying him to do it. Tonight, the network will premiere «The Phone», a competition reality show blending elements of a citywide scavenger hunt with a Jason Bourne-style story. Timberlake serves as an executive producer.

Here’s how it works: Contestants get a call from a mysterious British voice, natch, who in the first episode instructs them on how to stop «a crazed bomber» and win $50,000. Explosions, (faux) drownings and hanging off the ledges of very tall buildings ensue.

But, but, you say, Timberlake hates all those reality shows running on MTV! What’s he thinking? Well, that’s true. He did. But that was two years ago. And seeing as he’s now producing reality show, he’s had a change of heart.

Before we get to «The Phone», tell me why you thought it would be a good fit for MTV:
It made sense. We cast young contestants and wanted people who watch MTV to watch the show. Obviously, the format of the network has changed, and I’ve had to come to grips with that …

MTV airs more reality shows than music videos, yes. It’s been that way for a long time, and you’ve been pretty outspoken about it.
Originally, we didn’t know which network was going to bite, and MTV came along and they were so gung-ho about it, and, you know, I have a long relationship with them, so I had to be like, ‘OK, so I’m going to have to take my foot out of my mouth now’. I was the guy two years ago who did make that comment.[Specifically, during the 2007 VMAs, he said: «Play more damn videos. We don’t want to see the Simpsons on reality television».] But, honestly, shortly after, I thought, ‘Maybe I need to lighten up?’ Maybe the music video is supposed to exist on the Internet and nowhere else. I accept the bullet, and I will bite it.

Do you watch a lot of TV?
You know I don’t get the opportunity to watch a lot of television. I do watch a lot of ‘Sports Center’. That’s my show. My hours, when I’m working, will go from sunup to sundown. And when I’m not working, I’m probably outside on a golf course, so … no, I really don’t watch a lot of television (laughs).

Justin Timberlake keeps busy with ‘The Phone’, ‘SNL’ hosting

LOS ANGELES — When The Phone rang, Justin Timberlake answered.

The musician, actor and fashion designer adds another item to his résumé as executive producer of MTV’s newest reality series, The Phone (premiering tonight, 10 ET/PT).

«I just thought it was a unique idea for a show», Timberlake says, fittingly, in a phone interview Monday. «It comes from a show in Holland, and we wanted to figure out how to make it more interesting … and make these contestants feel like action movie stars».

The show drops pairs of unsuspecting people into what feels like an action movie. The contestants take phone calls from the show’s host (to them a mystery person) asking them to complete various stunts to track down a «suspect». Contestants can earn up to $50,000. Six one-hour episodes have been shot.

Next up for Timberlake: hosting NBC’s Saturday Night Live May 9. «I would go as far to say if I didn’t have a career that I felt so extremely lucky to have, I would see if I could get cast on the show», he says. Timberlake has starred in some of SNL’s most viral video skits, including a naughty Emmy Award-winning skit and a parody of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies video.

Timberlake doesn’t know yet what’s in store for the upcoming show. «The great thing with SNL is that something strange happens every week in this world. I almost feel like it’s too early to come up with anything on the show. Really, we just hang out for five days, and we come up with some sketches in the meantime».

Timberlake says his schedule is so full these days, he has yet to join the Twitter universe that has consumed Ashton Kutcher and even Oprah Winfrey. «If I can find a way to do that and do everything I am doing, I’ll be happy to make a contribution to cyberspace. Though I would have to have someone walk me through it».

Life is all about having fun right now, Timberlake says. He’s working on musical collaborations with other artists, including Leona Lewis, and he recently helped Kate Hudson ring in her 30th birthday at a private party.

Timberlake’s contribution to the festivities? He organized the dancing.

«Sometimes, everybody needs a little Electric Slide», he says, laughing. «The DJ went into the Electric Slide, and it seemed like fate».

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