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Conferencia de prensa en Abu Dhabi

Justin Timberlake – Conferencia de prensa “Gira Mundial” a puerta cerrada
ABU DHABI, EMIRATOS ÁRABES UNIDOS – DICIEMBRE 05: Justin Timberlake posa frente a las cámaras en una conferencia de prensa horas antes de la noche en que cerrará su gira mundial FutureSex/LoveShow en el “Emirates Palace Hotel” el 5 de Diciembre de 2007, en Abu Dhabi, en los Emiratos Árabes Unidos.

Justin Timberlake: Pin Up Boy

Journalists were not allowed to ask questions directly and the photographers were prevented from entering the much anticipated, uber-hyped Justin Timberlake (JT) presscon at Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel yesterday.

Days before the event journalists were asked to e-mail questions to the PR company who would then randomly pick some to be answered by JT at the press conference. In short, tough luck if you can’t get a question in. Many couldn’t.

JT arrived almost an hour late. Which would not have peeved as much if it wasn’t for the organisers not allowing the photographers to take pictures. They were given just five minutes outside the presscon room at a designated spot. Suffice it to say Justin posed for less than a minute before disappearing into the presscon room.

Photographers were not allowed to follow him.

Visibly tired but still sharp, JT was now charming, now businesslike. The past 5 o’clock shadow in place, a gray vest, a black tee and his trademark trilby, he looked every bit… Justin Timberlake.

Back to the questions. Once inside he said a quick hello (or did he?) before settling in. Without further ado the great raffle draw of questions began.

A dozen or so questions were picked out of a bowl. Many revolved around how it felt to be in Abu Dhabi or what he thought of the region now that he was here.

No one was expecting to be surprised by his answers.

“It is beautiful. I have never seen anything so marvellous. I watched the sunset in the desert. It was amazing. It is an amazing culture… Emirates Palace Hotel is pretty mind- blowing and pristine. The beauty of this place is something to marvel at.”

One of the questions was if he “donated generously because philanthropy is the new cool in Hollywood or if he feels obliged to give back”.

He said, “Philanthropy is cool anywhere. I don’t think it’s anything to do with Hollywood because if it was cool in Hollywood five minutes ago, it was probably not any more. At my foundation we pick and choose things based on my inspiration. ”

The question that really got Justin going was if he thought “that major American recording artists such as yourself will continue to perform in this region”.

“Obviously I was excited to come to play in the region I had never been to. For people like myself a lot of intrigue is to play the show in a place that’s so new…you will see a lot of artists here in the future. I will put a good word in. I have already been wooed.”

Last question, Justin: could we have a bit more interactive presscon next time round?

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