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Rihanna es una “gran fan” de Justin Timberlake

And the next thing for Rihanna is her forthcoming tour and her new single Hate That I Love You — a duet with hip-hop star Ne-Yo taken from her third album Good Girl Gone Bad.

“It’s my favourite track off my album which I love to perform live and I just can’t wait to play it here in December”, she says.

“These shows will be my biggest yet. I’m working with choreographer Tina Landon, who did the Umbrella video and Janet Jackson’s tours and has worked with Britney, J-Lo, Christina Aguilera and Prince. I want my shows to be like the ones Linkin Park do — they are so amazing. But the best tour I have ever seen is Justin Timberlake’s. No other artist is doing what he is doing right now”.

It was working with Justin and Timbaland on Good Girl Gone Bad that marked Rihanna’s change in direction and promotion to the Premiership of pop R&B singers.

She reveals: “I prefer this edgy new sound. It’s more unique-sounding but not so far left that people can’t get it.

“Working with Timbaland and Justin was wonderful. With Justin, I was so nervous. For him to come into the studio and write a record for me — that was such a big deal.

“I was so excited as I am a huge fan of his. But he just came in and started writing and it came together very quickly.

“I really hope we can work together again soon as I love Rehab, a song he wrote for me”.


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