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Menciones a Justin Timberlake en Stuff Magazine

Ozzy: “It’s not for me, but I can see why he’s very big. You’ve got the headphones on – the production on these f—ing albums is awesome. I’m a sucker for panning across from one speaker to the next.”

Bret: “I actually went and saw *NSYNC, because a friend of mine was their stage manager. I’ll say this: Everyone in that arena was loving what they were doing. The chicks dig this guy, and he’s smart: He’s got music, and he’s going into movies. Poison actually just redid ‘SexyBack’ for the new record. My daughter played it for me, and she was like, ‘Dad you’re gonna love this song.’ The band was laughing at me at first. They’re like, ‘You’re f—ing kidding, right?’ But I was artistically inspired by Justin Timberlake [laughs].”

Q-Tip: I like Justin because I like his maturity, and he’s a good guy. I dig him, and I think he can sing. He’s very talented, and I’m just waiting to see his continued growth.”

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