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Crítica «FutureSex/LoveShow»: Dallas

Crítica de jtluvsash:

Wow. Seriously the most amazing concert experience and I am just beaming from it. More detail to come, but I just wanted to say I had an amazing time and waiting out to get tickets was SO worth it, it isn’t even funny. Thanks to all the girls who helped with info about getting tickets the day of because they were amazing.

After searching all day for tickets online at Ticketmaster and with brokers, my sister, our friend, and I were lucky enough to score ramp tickets in 107 that were definitely the best ramp seats; they weren’t too far down and were perfectly in position to see Justin and the stage. We couldn’t get over how amazing they were. We got there at about 4:30-4:45 and waiting along with scalpers [who suck!] who scored some VIP before us and there was a lull for at about two hours with upper levels only coming up, but we scored the seats at 7:30ish, so we cut it close, but it was worth it.

With cameras, mine is not too big, so I was able to put it in a pocket in my purse and the security just looked through it quickly; during Pink, the security just said no flash and let me take some pics and I was able to get some pretty good ones when Justin came on, but then a lady down near VIP saw me and was trying to take my camera; my sister quickly just put it in her purse and said we wouldn’t take it out and kept pointing at us for a bit, but finally cut us some slack. I was kind of freaking out because I didn’t want my camera to be taken, but they did ask two people with Marty Kudelka’s family to put their’s away.

When we sat down, our friend thought she saw Usher a row behind us, and low and behold, it was him! He had a girl with him who was probably his girlfriend/fiancee/something and a bodyguard or two. We also saw Nick Lazzarini from So You Think You Can Dance? season one, so that was cool.

Pink was energetic and fun…a good starting off point for the concert and I couldn’t wait until Justin came on.

His toast to Dallas was fun and cute; I liked how he said, «This is Patron, don’t try this at home» or something like that, haha

There is so much to remember, but I know that my favorites were all the ones that had crowd interaction [like Senorita] because that is always fun, and more specifically:
-CMAR because it was so energetic, loud, and fun and the vulgarity added a laidback and humorous touch
-Sexy Back…SO fun to dance to and interact with Justin and Timbaland, the vibe was just awesome in there
-Gone/Take It From Here/etc. was nice and balanced out all of the upbeat songs, Justin sounded great
-Another Song was beautiful and I loved how he ended with it, his notes were flawless…not to mention, his little pauses and smiles were adorable.
-I love WGA as a song so much and the performance was great, lots of energy and the interlude was very cool with the camera again and again, the vibe was just energy and fun

He probably says it to many cities, but he said Dallas is always special for him and that Texas is always great , mentioning that he had family at the show, as well as it being a band member’s birthday.

I loved the concert so much and probably missed a lot of details I loved, but I hope that gives a good feel of how the concert was.

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