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Justin Timberlake & Andy Samberg en «Digital Short: Mother Lover»

Cinco meses después de Dick In A Box, protagonizada por Justin Timberlake y Andy Samberg, el dúo humorístico y musical nos trae «Mother Lover», una canción muy especial para todas las madres.

Download: Mother Lover (Justin Timberlake & Andy Samberg)

Exclusive: Andy Samberg dishes on Justin Timberlake and their latest ‘SNL’ short, ‘Motherlover’

How did Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson involved?
We said, «Who should we get for the moms?» And I’m pretty sure, in the
room, we all collectively were like, «How about Susan Sarandon and
Patricia Clarkson?» And that’s exactly how it played out.

It’s unexpected.
They’re both Oscar-caliber actors, and I’m pretty sure at least
Patricia has won Emmys as well, which puts her in the same camp as us.
[Laughs.] No, I think the thing we’ve been finding continually working
here and reaching to people is that there are so many people out there
who are way sillier than you think. Like, most people you know are
goofy and joke around with their friends and family. They’re really
doing dramatic stuff, but they’re not really asked—or given the
opportunity—to loosen up and do weirder, sillier stuff. And a lot of
them are really excited to do it.

And having Justin Timberlake on board doesn’t hurt, right?
And Justin was already friendly with Susan, and we share a publicist
with Patricia, so it was an easy call to make. We’re just such huge
fans of the both of them. Like, it couldn’t have worked out more

Plus, with your track record, seems like people are probably going to start approaching you, rather than the other way around.
I think having Justin, and being able to say, «This is the follow-up to
‘D— in a Box'», definitely helped in terms of giving them a little

Do you think SNL producers will throw this in the ring for an Emmy, like they did for «D— in a Box», which won?
I don’t know! I’m not sure, we’ll see! We’ve had a few songs go over
quite well, but we’ll see. We try not to think about that too much.

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jajajjajjjaja jt es 1 crack!!!


no hace 5 meses. hace mas de un año pero bueno esta muy divertido el video y la cancion


Cinco meses en la ficción, después de salir de la cárcel (ya que son arrestados en Dick In A Box).


esta wuenisimmaaaa jaja...! xD


Actualizado el MP3, tiene mejor calidad y mayor volumen.


estoy cante y cante esa cancion jaja me encanto da mucha risa xD


si! jeje Jt el mejor y el mas creativo!! jeje saludos!!


jajajajajajaja, ya lo tengo como tnoo para el telefono movil jajaja, llamarme¡¡¡ jajaja
saludos a todos

WorldNanny Justin xd

*-* jkdashjkds muy buena cancion xd demaciado divertida :3 i lov u ♥