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Crítica “FutureSex/LoveShow”: Acer Arena, Sydney

Justin Timberlake wows crowd at Acer Arena in Sydney

JUSTIN Timberlake confirmed his status as the world’s biggest male pop star with a masterful concert, which fused old-school entertainment with a state-of-the-art extravaganza last night.

Timberlake’s opening Futuresex/Love Sounds concert at the Acer Arena last had everything.

He sang like the pop stars of old Michael Jackson and Prince.

He danced like the hoofers of Hollywood’s hottest golden era, recalling Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.

And he proved his musicianship with turns on the guitar, piano and 80’s throw-back keytar.

Timberlake gave a nod to the ratpack, dressed for success in a snazzy suit and vest.

There was no doubt that the Arena’s record-breaking crowd of more than 19,400 people loved every minute of it.

Their screams were off the decibel metre and the majority of them – almost hysterical young women – were keen to answer his every “now you sing it” queue?

Visually the concert was a feat of modern engineering wizardry – sheer curtain screens projected his image and graphics; hydraulics constantly reconfigured the band’s position and lasers and lights competed with a barrage of camera flashes.

The set list covered both his solo records, delivering every hit including My Love, Rock Your Body, Love Stones, and Cry me a river.

But for all the dazzling, colour and movement and genuinely soulful singing and playing, all the polish – necessarily for a massive arena show – left no room for those precious moments of spontaneity you desire from the live experience.

There’s no doubt that Timberlake has brought Sexy Back but it would have been nice to get a cuddle at the end.

He performs again tonight and on November 13.

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