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Crítica “FutureSex/LoveShow”: Tampa

Celebridades presentes: Joey Fatone, Trace Layala

Justin Timberlake’s show Thursday night didn’t lack for spectacle and state-of-the-art concert technology: a multitude of musicians, dancers and back-up singers; jaw-dropping lights and visuals; an enormous stage that took up most of the St. Pete Times Forum’s floor.

Somehow, though, the focus remained on Timberlake’s music. That’s appropriate, though, since Timberlake’s material doesn’t need the in-concert cover of smoke and mirrors.

Timberlake was just one of a throng crowding the stage as the set began, an odd move that provided no visual center.

Fortunately, the opening numbers, “FutureSex/LoveSounds” and “Like I Love You”, were plenty to keep the crowd of 18,399 rapt.

Timberlake emerged center stage to toast the birthday of a crew member and give a shout out to former ‘N Sync band mate Joey Fatone in the audience. “You better win ‘Dancing With the Stars’,” Timberlake told Fatone.

The set’s first half began its climax with “Until the End of Time”, a sweet slice of ’70s soul, followed by a ferocious “What Goes Around …”, which displayed Timberlake’s grasp of rock bombast.

Timbaland, Timberlake’s producer, joined him for “Chop Me Up”. Timbaland performed an entertaining 20-minute DJ set before Timberlake and crew took the stage again.

The Michael Jackson homage, “Rock Your Body”, opened the second portion, which featured some of Timberlake’s most lascivious numbers – “Summer Love” and “Love Stoned” – book-ending “Cry Me a River” and the trite ballad “Losing My Way”, the evening’s only letdown.

Pink opened the show with an energetic, hit-filled set that closed with her performing some Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics, twisting and swinging above the stage while performing “Get the Party Started”.

Crítica de amycishere:

First ofall just incase the girl is here I would like to thank her so much for letting me sit in her barstool. It was hard for me to see in my wheelchair so Mom thought she would try putting i the barstool for Justin since no one was sitting there. And then after the show Mom told me that a girl tapped her on the sholder and said I let you have my seat and Mom said thank you very much. She said she could tell we needed it so she just sat on the other side. THANK YOU TO HER!

I touched the stage!!!!! eeeeee! lol.

Something a little cool, they let me in the venue a tad bit early and I saw Pink get in the elevator! hehehe.

I was so afraid I wasn’t going to be able to see alot but I could see quite a bit of the stage and Justin alot of the time! I don’ think Justin could see me because I was siting on the bar stool all the way to the left but it was a fablous view And Justin came and danced across the bar several times and was sooooooooooo close to me!!! Just WOW! One of the times I touched his leg after I figured he could not see my hand because I was so tiny. Everyone thought I was a little kid and kept asking me if I wanted a soda which was pissing me off. lol. But then I loved being so tiny because I could squish my head down and see Justin pretty well when the big huge screen came down blocking our view.

I have a real hard time with cameras and poor Momwas trying to take pictures while holding on to me but it was real hard. I may have a few but who knows. But yay for Tina! She was in a different VIP section than me but I met her real quick after the show and she said she took 70 pictures!! Seriously Tina, I’ll pay for doubles through paypal if you could send them to me!! It was lovely meeting you but sorry I couldn’t stay my Dad was waiting outside.

He didn’t interact with me like in 2003. lol. For anyone that doesn’t remember I was very lucky at the box office that day and scored front row seats (I had NOSEBLEED seats so Mom checked the box office during BEP and 2 front row seats came up.) Justin puthis mic right where I was sitting in my wheelchair and waved,sang and pointed to me. And he gave me a nod when I copied his movement. LOL.

This was a totally different stage set up though he kept moving around so girls wouldn’t grope him so much. But we had a FABULOUS TIME!

Oh I totlly forgot, some guy was videotaping inside my bar area and he foused right on me during mother @#%$ during Sexyback so I may be on DVD. LOL.

Tina or anyone else going to a future show, I couldn’t find the posters or the laminates anywhere. If I paypaled you the money for the full price and shipping, would anyone be willing to send them to me? Iwould like the black and white poster where he is jamming out and it has the red writing on the side with future sex lovesounds 2007. Thank you so much!

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