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Justin Timberlake entrevista a Carrie-Anne Moss por «Matrix Reloaded»

Justin Timberlake entrevista a Carrie-Anne Moss por Matrix Reloaded

Justin Timberlake: «The Matrix Reloaded» — it’s really intense. I’m so blown away. As a fan of the first movie I went in and I was a little skeptical of where the plot was going to go and how the action was gonna play into that, but walking out, I was thinking that it is so much deeper, it’s better than «The Matrix.»

Carrie-Anne Moss: It’s an intense experience. I’m glad you liked it.

Justin Timberlake: I noticed the similarities. The movie opens and your character Trinity pops in with a huge action sequence, like in the first film. Did you feel any pressure to match the one that you had before?

Carrie-Anne Moss: Well, I didn’t think that I could really match the first one in terms of an entrance of a character. I wanted to just do it, but I think that the introduction of Trinity in the first film is — you’re never going to be able to introduce her again, so it’s different. There’s a little bit of a different vibe. But I was pretty thrilled that they chose to open the movie with me again, with my character, Trinity.

Justin Timberlake: Of course. Oh, it’s you, girl!
My favorite action sequence is the freeway scene. You are like totally kick-ass on the motorcycle.

Carrie-Anne Moss: Oh, thank you.

Justin Timberlake: But I heard a rumor that you’re actually very scared …

Carrie-Anne Moss: [Laughing] Yeah.

Justin Timberlake: … of motorcycles.

Carrie-Anne Moss: I don’t like them so much.

Justin Timberlake: So how did that come into play?

Carrie-Anne Moss: I had to train for months … from a tiny little trike bike to a little bit bigger, to a little bit bigger, ‘til I got to the Ducati.

Justin Timberlake: So you started with one of those mini-bikes. Wow.

Carrie-Anne Moss: I didn’t like getting on that one either, but then I would master that one, then they would bring a bigger one and I would be like, «No. I’m doing so good. Can’t I just do the action sequences on the little bike?» I’m a bit chicken of …

Justin Timberlake: Anything on two wheels.

Carrie-Anne Moss: Mechanical equipment that goes too fast that doesn’t have anything to protect me.

Justin Timberlake: Did you run into any injuries on set?

Carrie-Anne Moss: I just broke my leg, that’s it.

Justin Timberlake: That’s it. I just broke my leg, but you know, all in a days work.

Carrie-Anne Moss: What are you going to do?

Justin Timberlake: The other thing that I noticed in «The Matrix Reloaded» is that you really go in depth with Keanu Reeves’ character Neo and your character Trinity, their emotions for each other. Did you feel more comfortable portraying that side of your character compared to the one who’s on the motorcycle and flipping?

Carrie-Anne Moss: Yeah, it was nice to have the dynamic of both, to have the love story. … It feels like partners, like a real couple. It’s like two friends who are lovers that are also helping each other and supporting one another. I liked that.

Justin Timberlake: If I find someone who can help me save the world and we can flip over each other …

Carrie-Anne Moss: Shouldn’t your partner inspire you to be the best person that you can be in your life? That’s what I love about Neo and Trinity. And even in the first film, it’s Trinity’s belief in Neo that helps him, and Morpheus’ belief in Neo that helps him to believe in himself. I love that idea in the film.

Justin Timberlake: There’s a lot of symbolism all over the place. I really enjoyed the relationship between your character and Keanu’s.

Carrie-Anne Moss: Thank you so much.

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