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Teen Magazine entrevista a Justin Timberlake

Teen Magazine: OK, Justin Timberlake, it’s your turn for this question; do you believe in psychics ?

Justin Timberlake: I don’t know. I think that there is a certain degree to which the mind can tap into. I mean it’s sad to think that we only use 10 percent of our brains. I think some people can tap into another part of their brain. I believe the mind is more powerful than anything in the world and I believe that if we were able to use our full minds we would probably destroy ourselves and the world. I also believe that people can move things with their minds and really utilize their brain.

Teen Magazine: What about horoscopes? Do you ever check yours?

Justin Timberlake: I don’t look for my horoscope but if I’m flipping through a magazine and I see it I’ll read it for fun. They’re so vague that you can always relate it to something. I’ve never had a tarot card reading before but, one time, we were shooting this thing for MTV and I got my palm read and she was pretty dead on and I was pretty amazed.

Teen Magazine: Cool. Now on to the tough questions! How long to you think you’ll remain single? And, what, if any, future plans for marriage and family do you have?

Justin Timberlake: I think I’d make a good daddy! I was brought up really well by my parents and I think that one day I’ll make a good daddy, not anytime soon.

Teen Magazine: Are you currently single?

Justin Timberlake: I’m half way single. I’m dating. It’s tough to really carry on a serious relationship with somebody, especially when every move you make is followed by the media…particularly the tabloids. I’ve learned from watching other people that if you do have a serious relationship with somebody, it doesn’t do any good to totally publicize everything you do. I heard just that from Matt Damon’s mouth, and I heard it from Ben Affleck’s mouth. I firmly believe that you have to have some personal life. Right now I’m still playing the field and figuring out what I really want and there are a couple of girls that I date and they remain nameless.

Teen Magazine: Do the girls you’re dating know about each other?

Justin Timberlake: I’m always honest when I’m dating somebody. I don’t play games.

Teen Magazine: That’s a good quality to have…Do you see yourself settling down at some point though?

Justin Timberlake: It’s tough for me right now. I am really a one-woman type man. This has been the first time in my life that I’ve really played the field. When I was younger, although I guess I’m still younger, I was always with one girl at a time, I never tried to date two girls at once. It wasn’t the way I did things. If I’m interested in somebody, I figure out what they’re all about and I go after that. I’m also totally honest with the person from the get go, I don’t play games at all — I don’t believe in it.

Teen Magazine: How about marriage…do you think that’s in the cards?

Justin Timberlake: You can’t answer that. If it comes along and you’re in love with someone, that’s when you know. But until then, we’re all searching. I think when you meet that certain person you’ll know it.

Teen Magazine: What kind of boyfriend are you?

Justin Timberlake: Loyal. I’m a hopeless romantic…when I fall for somebody, I fall hard. It takes a lot for me to fall for someone, but when I do, it’s over, that’s when I give them everything.

I think I’ve learned sometimes women need to chase men. I think there’s a lot of give and take that needs to happen. I’ve been cheated on numerous time by ex girlfriends. It’s hard for me to trust somebody, but on top of that I think I gave too much and it was so overwhelming that they took it for granted and thought that it would be there when they needed it. That’s where I went wrong.

Teen Magazine: What kind of girl do you like?

Justin Timberlake: A confident one. Confidence is sexy to me. Not overwhelming, not sassy stuck-up types, but someone who knows themselves and is comfortable with themselves and has a good sense of humor.

I like girls who really go for it, who are not afraid. Someone that’s balls out – a girl that just goes balls out and lives life to the fullest. Be your own person. I think the main thing about Teen Magazineage romance is that people try to get to know somebody else before they really know themselves and they end up with a whole other personality that’s not them.

You start dating someone and you start acting like someone you’re not and that’s because you probably don’t know yourself yet. I know that the first impression I give off is a little intimidating. I don’t talk that much when I first meet people. I’m kinda quiet and reserved and I study. I study people when I first meet them. They might think «he doesn’t talk too much and he’s rude» but it’s really that Iwant to study people before I start conversing with them. The fact that somebody can just come up and start talking to me and be comfortable with themselves and not worry about anything else, that turns me on.

Teen Magazine: What’s the best way for a girl to approach you?

Justin Timberlake: Just talk to me as a person. That’s all I am, just a person.

Teen Magazine: A pretty popular person! On to your career…What do you think will happen with your it 2000?

Justin Timberlake: 2000 is gonna be our year. «No Strings Attached» is gonna be huge… our goal is to keep stepping forward, moving forward.

Teen Magazine: So where do you see ‘N SYNC’s career in the future?

Justin Timberlake: I think we’re just going to grow with our audience. We want to evolve with the crowd that’s with us right now — and hopefully they’ll stay with us.

Teen Magazine: And where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Justin Timberlake: Hopefully just happy doing what I’m doing.

Teen Magazine: Is an acting career in the picture?

Justin Timberlake: I’m open to anything. I’m just having fun doing what I’m doing. If I suck at it I’m sure the critics will tell me how much I suck at it and it wont matter because I’ll be having fun.

Teen Magazine: How will you challenge yourself in the future?

Justin Timberlake: All of us have already started writing songs. Half of the new album was written by us. Music comes naturally to all of us.

Teen Magazine: It sure does! We’re on our last leg so here are those «hard-hitting, must-know» questions… What’s in your fridge?

Justin Timberlake: Milk. I eat a lot of cereal. Cap’n Crunch, Raisin Nut Bran, Applejacks.

Teen Magazine: And… your most embarrassing moment was…

Justin Timberlake: The most embarrassing thing is when you’re at a party and the music’s really loud and all of a sudden it cuts off right when you’re saying something really personal.

Teen Magazine: Now, last but not least…what’s your most prized possession.

Justin Timberlake: I think possessions end up possessing you. It’s fun to have toys- I buy a lot of jewelry, I wear necklaces, diamond watches. I like to have fun, I don’t have anything that’s stuck with me. I think my most prized possession is probably my voice. I try to take care of it as much as I can.

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