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Visionado de Alpha Dog en las Universidades EE.UU. Justin Timberlake

Comunidad Noticias y opinión Visionado de Alpha Dog en las Universidades EE.UU.

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    The director of Alpha Dog says he’s doing a college junket
    To promote the film I guess? He posted this on the Alpha Dog board. If any of you go to these schools, you might want to look into it.

    Hey all,

    It begins.

    Among other press, I am scheduled to do a college junket.

    11/12 – Boston University
    11/13 – University of Philadelphia
    11/14 – University of Georgia (Athens)
    11/15 – University of Michigan
    11/16 – Northwestern University
    11/19 – Cal Berkely
    11/27 – University of Minnesota
    11/28 – University of Texas
    11/29 – University of Colorado
    11/30 – University of Washington

    Come catch me if you can,

    I went to an Alpha Dog screening tonight in Boston
    Nick Cassavetes (the director) is doing a college tour, and it started tonight in Boston. I asked him if he could get me passes for it, and he did. I promise I will write up a full review of both the film and Q&A tomorrow, but I’m too tired now.

    I did meet Nick. I got to talk to him before and after the film. He’s f*cking awesome. Period.

    As for the film…I really, really liked it. I read the script, so I pretty much knew everything that was going to happen, but I still really enjoyed it. It’s definitely intense. They swear like every five seconds, there’s lots of violence, drugs, offensive language, sex, etc. But I knew all that already. Plus, I’ve probably been desensitized or something because it didn’t really bother me. The climax of the film (aka the murder scene) is really powerful and tragic. Very sad. I had tears in my eyes. Everyone was dead silent then. It’s weird because the film as a whole has a lot of humor in it, and people were laughing a lot, but then you get to that scene and it just totally changes the whole mood of the theater.

    Now, as for Justin….he sucked.

    Psh, yeah right.  He was amazing. Of course. I know I’m biased as hell, but f*ck that @#%$. He was GOOD. Especially during “the scene.” He nailed it. Boy had me in tears. He got a lot of laughs in the film because he had a lot of funny parts (especially when is character was high  ), but everyone had to be impressed during that scene. It just felt so real. I feel like this was the perfect part for him. I honestly can’t picture anyone else in this role. He and Anton had great chemistry.

    There was a Q&A after, and the head of the film department from BU asked Nick some questions first then opened it up to the audience. The very first question came from this guy behind me. It was something like, “I was wondering if you could explain the casting process and specifically why you chose to cast Justin Timberlake because we’ve never really seen him in anything else where he could show off his acting chops, but he did such a great job.”

    And Nick was like, “Thank you. You know, there’s a lot of f*cking Justin haters out there.” *everyone laughs*  And he goes on to say that he’s old and therefore not that familiar with Justin’s music, he just likes the guy. He met him for The Notebook and thought he was a good guy, but he wasn’t really right for that part. He compared Justin to a young John Travolta; they aren’t very big, but they move well. He said something about how the press keeps making a big deal about Justin playing a thug and saying he’s not a thug. But he’s like, “This dude wasn’t a f*cking thug. He was a poser.” He also said he thought Justin was good for the part because he’s the kind of guy you look up to: he’s a good singer, a good dancer, he’s good at everything. And Anton’s character looked up to him. He’s like, “You look at Justin and think, ‘This guy’s not gonna hurt anyone. Justin? Who would he hurt?'”

    He also explained how he doesn’t like auditioning and would rather just meet and talk with people. Justin was cast third after Emile and Ben.

    Feel free to ask questions.

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