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Review de ‘The Open Road’ (en DVD, 17 de noviembre) Justin Timberlake

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    The Open Road Blu-ray Review and Giveaway


    Review de 'The Open Road' (en DVD, 17 de noviembre)

    The Open Road is available on Blu-ray November 17th from Anchor Bay Entertainment. Written and directed by Michael Meredith (Land of Plenty, Three Days of Rain), the film is a heartwarming comedy about the adult son (Justin Timberlake of Alpha Dog) of a baseball legend who, together with his girlfriend, embarks on a road trip with his estranged father (Four-time Academy Award® Nominee Jeff Bridges of Iron Man 1 & 2 and The Big Lebowski).

    Carlton Garrett (Timberlake) is asked by his mother (Mary Steenburgen) to track down his estranged father and ask him to come to the hospital before she has a major surgery. Unenthused by the request, Carlton reluctantly agrees to go find a man he hasn’t spoken to in nearly five years. However, to make the trip manageable, he asks his on-again off-again girlfriend Lucy (Kate Mara) to come along for support.

    Once Carlton tracks down father Kyle, he is surprised at how easy it is to convince him to get on a plane with him to go see his mom. Things return to normal though, when Kyle pretends to have forgotten his ID, making it impossible for him to get on a plane. Thankfully, Lucy comes with the solution – road trip!

    As Carlton, Lucy, and Kyle make the road trip together, they attempt to mend their respective relationships. Carlton and Kyle awkwardly discover their real feelings for each other, while Carlton must decide whether to «man up» to Lucy before it is too late and she marries someone else.

    The Open Road is a nice drama movie about a father and son who don’t know each other, but are forced to learn what has made each one tick for the last several years. Bridges is brilliant as usual. Mara is a very talented young actress. Timberlake has proven his talent as a multi-faceted entertainer, though his role as the vulnerable and unfulfilled son might be a stretch for his dramatic acting experience.

    The Open Road is a nice film, that is more character-driven than plot driven. Bridges, Mara and Timberlake do make a nice trio and have a good chemistry together in their road trip. This may not be the best November drama release, but it is one worth watching on Blu-ray if you have the time.

    The Open Road Blu-ray special features include:
    Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Michael Meredith and Actor Jeff Bridges
    «Behind the Scenes of The Open Road»
    Theatrical Trailer

Re: Review de ‘The Open Road’ (en DVD, 17 de noviembre)

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