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La fiesta de lanzamiento del tequila 901 fue un éxito Justin Timberlake

Comunidad Noticias y opinión La fiesta de lanzamiento del tequila 901 fue un éxito

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    901 Silver Tequila’s New York Launch Party with Justin Timberlake


    It was another amazing night of partying at Tenjune on Saturday night! It’s not what you may be thinking: Mo is not a club person. This is mostly due to the fact that I am no longer 17 and running around the city with my questionable ID trying to get into places like the Limelight. I find little excitement in clubbing and spending ridiculous amounts of money on bottles… I guess to each his own. However, I was excited to party it up on Saturday night at a launch event with Justin Timberlake! I was also excited to be one of the first to try 901 Silver. As many of you may know, Tenjune is small but it is a nice event space due to its Meatpacking District locale and ability to lure high profile celebs.

    901 Silver, launched by Justin, is a triple distilled ultra-premium tequila made from 100% Blue Weber Agave. And unlike other tequilas, I found it to be very smooth and tasty as a mixed cocktail. 901 Silver is hand crafted in small batches allowing greater quality control, and is produced in the heart of Jalisco Mexico. It is named 901 to symbolize «the moment when evening ends and your night begins.» The PR people behind the event were genius at building mystique and buzz by holding the event in a secret location only to be announced upon confirmation, giving guests a password to gain entry, and scheduling the event to begin at 9:01 pm.

    I arrived at the venue a little after it had began and there was already a mob scene outside of Tenjune (which is probably indicative of a normal Saturday night at this very hot and exclusive venue). I checked in and was given a bracelet and black VIP 901 silver «all access» card (the purpose I am still not 100% sure of). I was taken downstairs into the back area where there were shots and 901 specialty cocktails.

    After tasting a few of the specialty drinks prepared by mixologist Junior Merino, I settled on the «Pepino» which is made from 901 silver, agave nectar, lime juice, pineapple juice, combier, and contains a slice of cucumber that lined the inside of the glass which I found to be a nice touch. The drink was refreshing. I am not usually a tequila fan due to its tendency to have a gross (couldn’t find another way to put it) aftertaste, but 901 is very smooth and quite good. Waiters passed around delicious treats prepared by Top Chef winner Hung Huynh, Chef Sam Talbot of The Surf Lodge, and Chef Lee Anne Wong.

    I left the back area and went to the end with the elevated platforms where the DJ’s booth stood and there was a photo area where guests could have their pictures taken. On the other end was Mr. Timberlake himself standing by his mother. He was surrounded by two security guards and a humongous scary neckless bodyguard (you know those dudes who are so huge it looks like their necks are completely M.I.A.). J.T.’s section was reserved for bottle service and was mostly filled with models, and some not modely (not a word) people who I am assuming were his friends. I went in to get a glimpse of JT who was chatting it up with a male guest and was sporting a hat and sunglasses, almost if he was trying to be incognito.

    The music was great, strangely though, I didn’t really see anyone dancing! Which I don’t understand, there was the right ingredients of drinks, music, a hot club, J.T., scantily clad girls. Aside from that, everyone seemed to be having a great time. Towards the end of the night Justin came out to give a toast and asked everyone to take a shot and have fun. The event cleared out a little after 11 pm and by that time Justin’s section was the most packed. There were a TON of people outside of the club waiting to get in I wasn’t sure if they were there to go clubbing or if they were there to get a glimpse of J.T.

    Another great night! I am sure you will hear a lot more about 901 in the future! For more information on upcoming 901 events and the product and where you can try a glass of 901 for yourself, check out 901.com.


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    vaya vaya…pues si q se lo montaron bien aunq nadie bailando..lo q yo decia una panda de soso aunq lo de probar todos los cocktails es un puntazo jajajaja
    hay una parte que queda muy exótica de la segunda crónica «the moment when evening ends and your night begins» queda como,estás preparado??

    un par de botellas? yo quiero la caja que vende el mayorista :D

    #15004 Responder

    las quiero pero de coleccion 8-) no dejare que nadie toque jaja

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    901 Silver – a new ultra-premium tequila that is smooth and flavorful


    The newest entry into the ultra-premium tequila market is 901 Silver; and Patrón, the #1 selling ultra-premium tequila, better watch out. Why? Because 901 Silver is smooth and delicious, with a bold agave flavor.

    901 Silver is hard not to notice – from the packaging to that taste. The bottle has a huge 901 logo front and center, adorning a stylish, long bottle with a metallic silver cap. Upon removing the cap (a stopper, not a screw top) the aroma of the tequila begins to emerge – a fresh, bold, and inviting smell of silver tequila.

    Upon tasting the tequila, the first thing to notice is its smoothness. The flavor of cooked agave comes next. It is remarkably strong, but not harsh – almost spicy – and is underscored with a subtle sweetness. It finishes perfectly, with a flavor that lingers, inviting another sip.

    901 only produces silver (blanco) tequila. The recipe has been perfected in the 70 years since the founding of the Tequilera Newton e Hijos, by Don Enrique in 1940. 901 is triple distilled tequila from 100% Blue Weber agave and, according to the information provided 901, the unique flavor is a result of the proprietary yeast formulation developed by Don Enrique and «perfected by his son Don Federico, and modernized by grandsons Federico and Carlos.»

    Taking a page out of Patrón’s marketing handbook, 901 Silver has been served at major Hollywood events, including an invite-only party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Penthouse Lounge, where it was served to A-Listers like Samaire Armstrong, Kevin Connolly, Dane Cook, Adam Levine, Ryan Seacrest, Jessica Szohr, Josh Schwartz, and Ed Westwick. It was also served to over 600 guests at «Family Guy» creator, Seth MacFarlane’s housewarming party.

    The slogan for 901 Silver is «It’s Always 9:01.» In addition to being the area code for Memphis, owner Justin Timberlake’s hometown, «901 is that time of night when your evening is ending, but your night is just beginning,» notes Timberlake’s spokesperson in People Magazine. Launched in May in a few select cities (New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Memphis and St. Louis), 901 Silver will soon be available in Texas, Arizona and Florida.

    Below is a recipe for the 901-derful Cocktail, which was developed by Southern Hospitality mixologist Chris Russell. The 901-derful Cocktail won the NYC Sidewalk Café Drink of Summer at NYC’s Department of Consumer Affairs 4th Annual Sidewalk Café Drink Mix-Off.

    901-derful Cocktail recipe

    2 oz 901 Silver Tequila
    7 mint leaves
    8 raspberries
    1/2 oz agave nectar
    One lime
    1/4 oz fresh squeezed OJ

    Muddle the mint and raspberries in a mixing glass.
    Add agave nectar using a citrus squeezer.
    Squeeze in the juice of one medium lime.
    Add 2 oz 901 Silver Tequila, and a 1/2 cup of ice and shake vigorously.
    Fill a 14oz pilsner glass with ice.
    Strain drink into glass with ice.
    Top with 1/4 oz fresh squeezed OJ.
    Garnish a lime wheel and a sprig of mint.

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Re: La fiesta de lanzamiento del tequila 901 fue un éxito

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