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Justin y Madonna de fiesta tras el concierto Justin Timberlake

Comunidad Noticias y opinión Justin y Madonna de fiesta tras el concierto

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    what a night! madge at the box

    It was essentially Madonna’s after-party at that risque cabaret the Box last night. Earlier that evening, she and buddy Justin Timberlake played a performance, billed as a thank-you show for her successful record release, at the Roseland Ballroom. Joining friends like Domenico Dolce, Elizabeth Saltzman Walker, Rosie O’Donnell, Benjamin Cho, Ingrid Casares, Ingrid Sischy, Sandy Brant, Byrdie Bell, Leigh Lezark, and a slew of others who one couldn’t identify in the seedy, dark environs, Madonna sauntered in swaddled in furs («Could she be wearing more dead animals?» one person uttered, adding with a sigh, «She’s so Madonna!») and balancing a martini between her well-manicured fingers. She only stayed for one of the evening’s performances. Apparently she still loves shock value, but the Material Girl is totally a mother now. Let me describe the scene…carefully. Picture it: At the front table, Madonna huddles between Timberlake and Steven Klein. The lights go down, and the glittered and tattooed MC, called Raven O, takes the stage. The performances begin: a marching band’s rowdy rendition of Britney Spears’ «Gimme More»; a woman dressed as an oversize female reproductive organ slow-dancing with a giant glitter tongue. Then a masked marionette stumbles onstage and produces a Russian doll in the most sacred of ways. A few minutes later, she rewinds. The crowd goes wild. (At least, so I thought. My eyes were bleeding.) There was a lot of cheering and yelling, even from Madge herself. Then again, maybe that was just her celebrating. «Hard Candy,» her eleventh studio album, is fast becoming another record-breaker for the unstoppable, knows-not-age force. Remember, she’ll be 50 in August, people!

    Madonna and Justin Timberlake ‘Tie One On’ After Concert

    What could keep die-hard workout queen Madonna from the gym? A shot of tequila, and maybe a lemon drop.

    The singer, who sounded groggy and admitted to having a hangover on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show Thursday morning, said that she and Justin Timberlake hit the town after performing a free concert in Manhattan on Wednesday.

    «We had to celebrate,» Madonna, 49, said. «[We] decided we both work too hard and have to have fun.»

    Adding that she defied her usual mantra of «work hard, and work so hard here’s no time to play,» the singer told Seacrest: «I had a shot of tequila … I may have had a lemon drop, too … We ‘tied one on’ as they say.

    What Madonna didn’t tell Seacrest was that her «fun» night out took place at New York’s exclusive nightspot the Box on the Lower East Side. There for a celeb-studded, Jose Cuervo Platino –sponsored bash, Madonna stopped by the bar as she entered, sipping on a martini and socializing with everyone who came up to her before sitting at a table with her friends. And her duet partner, Timberlake, walked in, wearing jeans and a leather jacket, but he bypassed the bar, instead heading right to his table where he and his guy friends took shots of Cuervo.

    Other celebs at the bash included Josh Duhamel, designer Alexander McQueen and R.E.M.’s singer Michael Stipe.

    Pop Star Jitters
    Madonna and Timberlake, who sings on her single «4 Minutes,» may have looked like BFFs Wednesday, but there was a time when the friends would «tip-toe around» each other in the studio. The pop stars barely knew each other when they began to work on her new album, and Madge reveals she was nervous about it.

    «When you write music, the first thing that enters your brain is, ‘I don’t want to say it, and I don’t want to share it, ‘cause they might think it’s stupid. And that happens to everybody,» she told Seacrest.

    But these days, Madonna has nothing but accolades for Timberlake. «He’s ambitious but not in an offensive way,» she said. «He’s incredibly responsible and he’s good at what he does and I think he has a long future in front of him. He understands the insanity of being a pop star.»

    No stranger to controversy, Madonna, also chimed in on the Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photo scandal, telling Seacrest, «Leave her alone. She’s gonna be 16 soon and then 17 and then 18, and then she might show her knees and then what’s gonna happen?»

    Fotos aquí: https://www.timberlakespain.com/galeriasthum … ?album=475

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    Pobrecillos…van a tomarse algo con unos amigos y ya tienen a todo el mundo encima, vale es una consecuencia de su trabajo algo malo tendra que tener pero me dan un poco de pena, no pueden ir a ningún lado :?

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Re: Justin y Madonna de fiesta tras el concierto

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