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Entrevista con Ciara LSM: ¿A que sabía la oreja de Justin? Justin Timberlake

Comunidad Noticias y opinión Entrevista con Ciara LSM: ¿A que sabía la oreja de Justin?

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    She licks his ear, he slaps her bum and, well, let’s just say her pelvis gets one hell of a workout. No, we’re not talking about a naughty film we caught on Five last night, but Ciara and Justin Timberlake’s deliciously frisky ‘Love Sex Magic’ video. Intrigued by the pop pair’s sexual chemistry – and impressed with the squelchy electro-funk of the track – we gave Ciara a call to find out more.

    How did the collaboration with Justin come about?
    «Well, Justin had some records that he wanted to play for me and I happened to want to work with him. We’ve got the same manager so everything came together easy. It’s funny because we met each other years ago but never really hung out or anything. But now he’s kinda my new music buddy and I’ll come to him with an idea and say, ‘Hey, listen to this, what do you think?'»

    The ‘Love Sex Magic’ video is pretty frisky. Who came up with the concept?
    «I got inspired by some Vegas shows and I basically wanted to make my own interpretation of them. The key was the idea of my own ‘Love Sex Magic’ show. I talked to Justin and he was down for it and the director Diane Martel was also up for it and it all came together.»

    How did you get so flexible?
    «By continuously stretching myself! That kind of happened for me over the years – I wasn’t able to do the splits when I was younger, but then I got into cheerleading and I started pushing myself and trying to stretch my body.»

    Watching the video, there’s lots of sexual chemistry between you and Justin. Did you feel that while you were shooting it?
    «Um… well, we definitely had to do what we had to do to bring the lyrics to life and to bring the video concept to life. It just really felt like we in that world of having fun in a Vegas show. The goal was really to make the best video possible.»

    Was it your idea to lick Justin’s ear?
    «I think that was Diane’s! We talked about how we wanted to do some fun, cool edgy things – some somewhat sensual things too – and that was one of the ideas that came up. Some things just happened naturally though.»

    What did it taste of?
    «What did it taste of?! Um… it didn’t taste bad. It didn’t have a particular taste to it, but it wasn’t like ‘Eww gross!’ It tasted clean.»

    Is ‘Love Sex Magic’ a good representation of Fantasy Ride, your new album?
    «It’s definitely a part of the Fantasy Ride. This album’s about me taking you on a fantasy ride through music and I wanted to show many different sides of me that you haven’t seen before. I wanted to make sure there’s something on there for everyone. It’s a sprinkling of R&B, hip-hop and pop all infused together.»

    Is it mainly uptempo?
    «Yes it is. There’s two or three ballads, but it’s pretty much an uptempo dancing record. I’m so proud of it and just really excited to get it out there.»

    The album was originally meant to come out last year. What caused the delay?
    «It was meant to come out in December, but I just decided to pump the brakes a little bit. As time went on, more and more good songs were coming in so I thought maybe we should hold off two seconds and make sure everything on the album was perfection. I’m so excited about it coming out because it’s been a looooong time, but I’m very happy I did wait it out.»

    You’re going to support Britney on the European leg of her ‘Circus’ tour. How are you feeling about that?
    «Excited! I think it’s going to be so awesome to be working together. I’ve seen her show and her production is crazy! People are really going to be in for a treat when they see it, but when you add the Fantasy Ride element to that it’s going to be really funky. When the Circus and the Fantasy Ride meets it’s going to be like one big theme park.»

    Might you join Britney onstage for a duet?
    «I think anything’s possible in the future, but I don’t know about that for this tour. You never know though… sometimes things change.»

    ‘Love Sex Magic’ by Ciara is out now. The album Fantasy Ride follows on May 4.

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    :o omg que atrevida esta chica :D

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Re: Entrevista con Ciara LSM: ¿A que sabía la oreja de Justin?

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