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Ciara habla de la presentación de Justin Timberlake en SNL Justin Timberlake

Comunidad Noticias y opinión Ciara habla de la presentación de Justin Timberlake en SNL

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    Ciara: en TV con Justin y de gira con Jay-Z


    «Fue increíble verlo hacerse cargo de los teclados.» Ciara se refiere a lo que pasó en su presentación en Saturday Night Live: Justin Timberlake estuvo a su lado para hacer «Love Sex Magic», pero no fue para mostrar sus habilidades en el baile. Nada de eso.

    Justin le dejó los movimientos sensuales a Ciara y se dedicó a tocar los teclados. A nadie le molestó, por supuesto: basta verla a ella bailar, acompañada por sus backup dancers. Y

    «Todo salió perfecto… Y yo me sentí genial. Justin puede tocar muy bien. Realmente quería formar parte de la banda», explicó Ciara.

    Claro que tener a Justin tocando en el fondo es algo distinto a lo que se ve en el provocativo video de «Love Sex Magic». Pero bien valió la pena. «Queríamos hacer algo diferente y hacerlo divertido», dijo ella.

    Y eso no es todo para Ciara: la nueva diva del r’n’b fue invitada por el gran Jay-Z para sumarse a su próxima gira de verano. La cantante dijo que no puede esperar a salir de gira con el raper (arrancan el 3 de julio, en Las Vegas).

    Ciara Talks ‘Saturday Night Live’ Performance With Justin Timberlake


    ‘It was awesome to see him pick up the keys,’ singer says of Timberlake.

    Justin Timberlake is known for his amazing dancing skills, but he didn’t bust a move last Saturday night when he performed with his «Love Sex Magic» partner, Ciara, on «Saturday Night Live.» When it came time to shimmy and shake, he left all the hot moves up to Ciara and her backup dancers while he played the keyboard. Not that anyone was complaining about watching Ciara dance.

    «You know what? It was perfect because … he wanted to kind of say, ‘You rock,’ » Ciara told MTV News at Maxim’s Hot 100 party. «And I just kind of felt cool, ‘cause Justin can play [piano] real well and he really gets into the music and it was, like, ‘Hey, let’s make you part of the band.’ »

    Having Justin in the background for the live performance was very different from the music video for the song, where the two dance quite provocatively with one another. «[We wanted to] do something different and make it fun. It was awesome to see him pick up the keys.»

    Earlier this month, Ciara told MTV News all about the video’s most memorable moment — when she licks Justin Timberlake. «Let me tell you — it’s so funny, I have to say this,» Ciara said. «I had to lick his ear and do all that fun stuff and bite it. And he had a moment where he was kind of licking on my neck. We were both going back and forth. We were really just freestyling. And Miss Diane [Martel, the director] wanted something edgy, and we all wanted to find a cool way to do it. And that just felt right.»

    Ciara’s Very Own Funny Guy: Justin Timberlake


    Justin Timberlake sure has a way with the ladies. Just ask Ciara.

    The sexy songstress was experiencing butterflies in her stomach right before stepping onstage for her first-ever Saturday Night Live performance last weekend – until Timberlake cracked a joke.

    «My heart was beating so fast,» the R&B diva, 23, tells PEOPLE exclusively. «Everything is so fast-moving there. You just start freaking out.»

    Enter the hero. «Before I went on,» says Ciara, «he made me laugh, which made things light and not so serious. It just felt like, ‘We’re gonna have a good time.’ We had a lot of fun. We’re silly together.»

    Timberlake – who was hosting SNL for the third time – and Ciara, the musical guest, performed the steamy «Love, Sex, Magic,» from her new album, Fantasy Ride.

    Her first foray on the long-running NBC show «was awesome,» she says. «Being with Justin on SNL is one of the experiences that will go down in my book as one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. Absolutely. He cracks me up.»

    He even had her laughing when they heated up the set of the «Love, Sex, Magic» video, where they stand oh-so-close, lick each other and brush their lips up against each other – and perform some scandalous dance moves. «In the middle of it, you had to do what you had to do but afterwards it was funny,» she says. «You go from one take where you are rubbing on somebody’s neck and biting on his ear and then it’s like, ‘Cut! We gotta do it again!’ and he’s got his finger down your lip. It was funny.»

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    :o yo no sabia nada de esto que bueno!!!

    si tengo que dar una crititca al video seria que justin baile mas, hay una parte exelente donde podrian hacer una coreografia impresionante y el video pagaria aun mas 8-)

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