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Los medios celebran el 30 cumpleaños de Justin Timberlake

Corazón, un magazine español diario con la crónica social de los famosos, y el telediario de Fox, en su página local de Memphis, han querido celebrar el 30 cumpleaños de Justin Timberlake repasando su carrera profesional.

At 30, Justin Timberlake’s Career Continues to Rise

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – He’s ascended to the highest ranks of music and pop culture, but now at the age of 30, Millington native Justin Timberlake shows no signs his career is peaking.

It could have been dismissed as one of the cuddly cute child performances you’d expect from an entrant chosen in Memphis for the wildly popular pre-American Idol talent extravaganza known as «»Star Search».» Except young Justin Randall, as he was known then, a pre-teen, showed the kind of poise even older performers could only dream of having. Now 30 years old, Justin Timberlake is the embodiment of an old entertainment tradition self-molded into a versatile 21st century superstar performer.

«»[It’s] that kind of all around entertainer that we were used to seeing, 25, 30, 40 years ago, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and I think for Timberlake that serves him well having that kind of… well, having that kind of background»,» observed Commercial Appeal music critic Bob Mehr. «»I also the way he comes across, there’s a kind of ease with his celebrity».»

With millions in record sales, sold out concert tours, acclaimed television appearances either as a host or guest, movie roles, his own record label, his own clothing line, the Millington native turns toward the second decade of his entertainment career near the top of the heap. He’s done it by shrewdly mixing his own entertainment savvy with a grasp on the pulse of every aspect of technology and the social network it’s created worldwide.

«»I think that Justin has come up with a way to pull today’s current internet technology and social media into the older model of the CD release and the big record deal»,» said Ralph Sutton, a music producer with the Stax Foundation.

«»He always seems like everything he does is the right move»,» added John Hornyak, Executive Director for Memphis NARAS. «»It’s always really hip with the new music he comes with or the things he associates himself with, the movie roles he takes».»

But, music pundits warn any comparisons of Timberlake at 30 to say, Elvis, who at 30 had reached his movie peak with the movie release Viva Las Vegas the year before, or Jerry Lee Lewis who at 30 was finding his name more on the country rather than rock charts, would be an apples to oranges debate of styles and times.

However, it’s sustaining through the ups and downs his predecessors experienced which may provide Timberlake with valuable lessons on career longevity.

«»The perception of Elvis and Jerry Lee having sort of gone down, but then they came back up. I think it’s different. It’s important to maintain a level. I think it’s important to do that»,» said Mehr.

«»Somebody with a skill set like Justin Timberlake, he’s going to be able to do both. He’ll be able to be a good executive and then he’ll also continue to be a really good entertainer»,» said Sutton.

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