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Justin Timberlake en la revista de Verizon Wireless “Connect”

Justin Timberlake aparece en la entrega de primavera de la revista oficial de Verizon Wireless “Connect”. Podréis encontrar una pequeña entrevista a cerca del excluisvo canal de Verizon “JT-TV”.

Welcome to JT-TV with your host, Grammy-winner Justin Timberlake. Available exclusively on V CAST video, JT-TV is an all-access pass to who’s making the scene and what’s setting the trends in fashion, film, music, and beyond. Go behind the scenes at Justin’s first William Rast fashion show, see the star and his business partner Trace Ayala, discussing their inspiration, and more! All immediately delivered on your V CAST-capable handset.

Q&A with Justin Timberlake

-What is JT-TV?
JT-TV is four new channels that I’ve teamed with Verizon Wireless V CAST in conjunction with the sponsorship they are doing for the FutureSex/LoveShow Tour. They have given me my own channels, which is extremely dangerous! We have four channels – fashion, music, film, and lifestyle. It’s going to be awesome!

-What channel are you launching first?
The first channel we – myself and my buddy and William Rast partner, Trace – are going to launch in honor of our William Rast fashion line is the Fashion Channel. We are going to put a lot of content on that channel that has to do not just with William Rast but with fashion in general. We will put our own stuff on there too because we are shameless and that’s how it goes.

-Why does JT-TV signify a new phase of mobile entertainment?
I remember when the Internet was birthed; it changed everything. Now I think to move even further along the digital front and to have media in the palm of your hand is pretty amazing – to be able to launch a channel with great content and my favorite music videos and some of my favorite films. I think the possibilites are endless!

-How is mobile changing the music industry?
Mobile media already affected the music industry with downloads. People like to have music on their phones. I think it’s going to affect more than just the film industry, the television industry – it’s mobile media, not just music. It’s been a huge satellite for music, but it’s going to move into film and television as well.

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