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Referencias y menciones a Justin en música, TV, cine… Justin Timberlake

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    Recupero un post, para mi gusto muy divertido, curioso e interesante, del foro anterior (y con varias refrencias aportadas por Eidan y yoana).

    Referencia en Anatomia de Grey (Cap. Temp.)

    Christina y Meredith estaban hablando con Izzie a cerca de haberla oido haciendo el amor con George. Entonces Christina le dice «No one needs to hear George’s rendition of SexyBack at 4 in the morning.»

    Referencia en canción de D12 (Cancion:Aint Nuttin But Music, Álbum:Devil’s Night)

    It’s shit like this I kick to these rich white kids
    Who just might see how fucked up this sick life is
    Ooops I did it again didn’t I my shit’s harder
    To figure out than what Britney’s tit size is
    Oooh I probably pissed you off again didn’t I bitch
    So what Christina Gaguilera kiss my grits
    You know how many shits I give. I wish I did
    So I can quit givin these twisted little kids ideas
    This just in, Britney just dissed Justin
    She just fucked Ben, got tit fucked and dick sucked him

    If Affleck can get his ass licked, how come I can’t shit
    Goddamn bitch I’m rich I can’t understand this
    Are those pictures they made of us together on the internet
    As close as I’m ever gonna get to hittin it from the back
    And shit when it comes to that I hit harder from the back
    Than Everlast when he’s pluggin Lethal in his fuckin ass
    Just give me one more chance Britney hit me one more time
    Let me know what’s on your mind, Whitney give me one more line
    To sniff, you fuckers know what time it is
    Fuck your jewelery my record’s almost diamond, BEEOTCH!

    [HOOK 2X: Eminem + Dr Dre]
    What’s goin on in the world today
    People fightin, feudin, lootin, it’s okay
    Let it go, let it flow, let the good times roll
    Tell ‘em Dre- It aint nuttin but music

    Eminem doesn’t like N’Sync, well I do
    So fuck him, and the Backstreet Boys too

    Referencia en The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift

    Drift King: Do you know who I am, boy?
    Shawn Boswell: You’re like the Justin Timberlake of Japan.

    Las Chicas Gilmore, Temporada 5, capitulo «Elecciones».

    Lorelay y Luke (dos de los protagonistas) están hablando, y él está un poco triston, asi que Lorelay le pregunta: ¿¿Qué te pasa, Justin y Cameron tienen problemas??

    Referencia en un concierto de Rihanna

    En el Wild 949’s Boo Bomb Concert. Cuando comienza la música de Rehab, Rihanna le «dedica la canción a su amigo Justin Timberlake».

    Referencia en Hannah Montana

    Unos chicos estan jugando con la comida, y ella dice:
    «No me creo que Justin Timberlake sea de la misma especie. ¡¡Que guarros son los chicos!!»

    Referencia a NSYNC en Padre de Familia (subiré el video cuando pueda, o si lo encuentro lo pongo)

    Family Guy Viewer Mail
    Season: 3 Episode: 21

    Also Appearing: Kelly Ripa, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, The Count von Count, *NSYNC, Scooby-Doo, Genie, Dr. Hartman, Death, Marguerite Pewterschmidt, Mayor Adam West

    Mención a NSYNC en canción de Craig David, Spanish, álbum Slicker Than Your Average

    Would you like a drink with me?
    (If you don’t mind, can I talk to you if it’s all right)
    I want your body close to mine
    (All night, while we’re dancing in the moonlight)
    We could spend the night in ectasy
    (Kissing, touching, caressing)
    You know that you don’t have to leave (Tonight)
    Saying why didn’t I go home with you tonight.

    In fresh from out of town
    Just breezed in so I thought I’d take a look around
    And find a party where the vibe is right
    I’m talking maybe meet a honey take her home tonight,
    So shades on, top’s off the whip
    Taking in the sigths as I cruise the strip
    As I pull up to a red light
    I see the pretty little shorty in my headlights.

    This girl looked half black yet half oriental
    Man this chick’s got class & style
    I’d like to ask her for her credentials
    Name, address, numbers to dial
    She plays tuff when deep down she’s gentle
    Ain’t that hard to read the signs
    The girl bangs like dre instrumentals
    Well here’s an acappella of mine


    Scene two all up in the club
    Got my game tight about to tear it up
    Could be a night that I won’t forget
    Boy I’m lookin for a honey & I’m a confident
    I was… dancing bat I had to stop
    Whe I clocked this fly girl wearing a halter top
    She had her hair done nails right
    This señorita had a booty that was so tight

    She was a… hot girl looked continental
    Damn, her body looked so fine
    The way she spoke I saw her potential
    If looks could kill then she’d do time
    I don’t claim to speak perfect spanish
    But I do know a few lines
    This female’s sliker than your average
    And I gotta meke her mine

    So, quieres beber conmigo?
    (If you don’t mind, can I talk to you, if it’s all right)
    Quiero sentir tu cuerpo
    (All night while we’re dancing in the moonlight)
    Haz el amor conmigo
    (Kissing, touching, caressing)
    Ya no me dejes solo (tonight)
    Saying why didn’t I go home with you…

    Tonight I’m from the distance admiring
    Girl you’re looking so vibrant
    And I dig the way you move your body
    Let’s get out of this party
    Maybe we can get naughty
    Say bye, bye girlfriends
    ‘Cos just in a minute we’ll be gone if we’re NSync
    (Can we dance?)

    Would you like a drink and some loving?
    But leave your husband at home
    Unless he want a bump on the dome
    Come along, rub alongside me
    Put your phone on silence, just breath
    What you’re doing is rigth, what I’m doing is wrong
    Only time I do right is when I’m doing a song
    So, expect your ex to exit the area
    Exterior vex, perplex by the sex
    What you’re drinking?
    Drinks on me, find me on drink & drink on me
    You can ride next to me, girl it’s ectasy
    Here’s something for your ex to see
    It’s messed up how I slide up your tight with my right hand
    You wanna ride all night then I can
    Don’t be shy of just one, one night stand, now let’s go!!!


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    http://www.sinflash.com/AE/a2308538-d0d … 9f83ee4f62

    Los pingüinos regresan con una nueva aventura en la que bailarán y moverán su cuerpo al ritmo de conocidas pistas

    El tema de Justin Timberlake «SexyBack», rebautizado «Fluffy Back», sirve de telón para la presentación del primer adelanto oficial de «Happy Feet 2».

    La secuela de la famosa cinta de pingüinos trae de nuevo a estos animales al cine con una historia basada en el hijo de Mumble y Gloria llamado Erik. El pequeño luchará por conseguir sus propios talentos dentro de un ecosistema que se verá amenazado por varios enemigos.


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    Vanessa Claudio conquista con fotos de H para Hombres
    http://www.terra.com.mx/entretenimiento … ombres.htm

    La reportera del matutino de TV Azteca, quien se está volviendo la fantasía de los caballeros, confiesa a Terra que su única fantasía es ‘casarme con Justin Timberlake, es mi fantasía, conquistarlo’. Entre risas por hablar sobre sus fantasías agregó: ‘nunca me he puesto a pensar en eso, tengo cara de que pienso mucho en eso pero no’.

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    J. Cole – Villuminati

    Re-adjustin’ my target audience
    Cause it’s obvious
    I’ve gone astray
    Losing my way like Timberlake
    Produced by Timbaland on that goddamn FutureSex/LoveSounds
    What’s playing in my mind
    Just the sound of my whole career
    Crashing burning
    The thing that I mostly fear
    Was on track for the first two years
    Until I let the Devil steer
    Now what have we here
    Mask my tears, but I


    Losing My Way is the eleventh song off of Justin Timberlake’s second solo album FutureSex/LoveSounds, which was produced mostly by Timbaland. Timberlake sings about losing his way from addiction, while Cole’s talking about straying from his original intent in making music. Second time around, Cole feels he wants to appeal to his core fans, rather than the ‘mainstream’ or ‘radio’ fans.

    Both Timberlake and Cole changed up their styles for their second albums, Timberlake wanted to make more rock-influenced music instead of just dance songs, and Cole is making more intellectual music.

    Judging by some of the tracks on ‘’Born Sinner’‘ and any of the ’‘Truly Yours’‘ tapes, Timberland seems to have been an influence on the production style (noticeably on this track and Chris Tucker).

    Fuente: rapgenius.com

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