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Justin Timberlake responde las preguntas #InTime en Twitter

El actor, con motivo del estreno en Estados Unidos de «In Time», respondió a más de 40 preguntas de sus seguidores con el hashtag #InTime en Twitter, el viernes 28 de octubre por la tarde. Antes de despedirse de todos, Justin Timberlake publicó una fotografía, indicando que era hora de terminar la colada.

  • jtimberlake: Got some fluffing and folding to do. Thanks for your questions and enjoy IN TIME! pic.twitter.com/7oPcebOy
  • jtimberlake: Memphis Redbirds are the farm team for the St. Louis Cardinals. Go Cardinals! #InTime @emilyvontom
  • jtimberlake: RT @emilyvontom @jtimberlake who are you picking to win the World Series tonight? Rangers or Cards? :) xo #inTime
  • jtimberlake: We filmed in LA…nice to go home after every day. Amanda is quirky, does that count? #InTime @megncrocker
  • jtimberlake: RT @megncrocker @jtimberlake what was your fave location to film? Anything quirky or weird happen on set? #InTime
  • jtimberlake: Not with a turtleneck. #InTime @cindylaregia
  • jtimberlake: RT @cindylaregia So! Like… If you had a clock in your wrist like the one in the movie, like… how would you accessorize it? #InTime
  • jtimberlake: I bet it’s amazing behind the lens. #InTime @barbaricess
  • jtimberlake: I would be lying if I didn’t say it was very intriguing. The process of making movies is fascinating in front of the camera… #InTime
  • jtimberlake: RT @barbaricess @jtimberlake do you have plans to become a director in future?! #InTime
  • jtimberlake: About three months. #InTime @AmberHarv_x
  • jtimberlake: RT @AmberHarv_x @jtimberlake How long did it take you to film #Intime
  • jtimberlake: I didn’t see this guy as an action hero, but as someone who was «street smart». So I robbed a few people. LOL #InTime @AlyssaEdoo
  • jtimberlake: RT @AlyssaEdoo @jtimberlake How did you prepare (physically and mentally) for your most intense role yet? #InTime
  • jtimberlake: Very! As long as we can get some games before Christmas I won’t have a nervous breakdown. #InTime @AshActually
  • jtimberlake: RT @AshActually @jtimberlake how depressed are you that there’s no NBA through at least November? #InTime
  • jtimberlake: The concept, the writer/director, the actors and seemed like a really cool project to get lost in. #InTime @OriginOfGeorgia
  • jtimberlake: RT @OriginOfGeorgia @jtimberlake What is it that interested you about #intime
  • jtimberlake: I’m not sure. Why, you got a good screenplay? #InTime @sexxystarr1009
  • jtimberlake: RT @sexxystarr1009 @JTimberlake what kind of movie would you want to do next? #InTime
  • jtimberlake: A par round. #InTime @mjwoods16
  • jtimberlake: RT @mjwoods16 @jtimberlake what’s you’re lowest round of golf #InTime
  • jtimberlake: Still working on that one…got any good ideas? #InTime @dieKARIN
  • jtimberlake: RT @@dieKARIN Do you already have a costume for Halloween? What is it? @jtimberlake @InTimeMovie #InTime
  • jtimberlake: Sounds cliched, but we learn from everything good and bad. You have to have the bad to appreciate the good. #InTime @ericamendez
  • jtimberlake: RT @ericamendez @jtimberlake if you could go back #InTime relive one moment in your life what would it be? And would you change it?
  • jtimberlake: While I’m eating a burger and fries, watching Game 7 and wondering if you guys are going to see the movie. And I’m not in my PJs. #InTime
  • jtimberlake: RT @Quilakiss how are you answering the questions? in PJs? on a plane? At your restaurant? I would like some specifics please & ty! #InTime
  • jtimberlake: Ola Madrid! Living life to the fullest, newest adventures and appreciating what you have. #InTime @AdrianJCh
  • jtimberlake: RT @AdrianJCh @jtimberlake, for you, What represent the phrase: «Every second counts» in your real life? #InTime Greetings from Madrid :)
  • jtimberlake: Brando, Nicholson, Redford, Newman, Hanks, Sellers and the list goes on and on. #InTime @SoFabulousx7
  • jtimberlake: RT @SoFabulousx7 @jtimberlake which actors inspire you? #InTime I love you(:
  • jtimberlake: Thank you, glad you liked it! I would probably spend it with my family. #InTime @ms_alyona
  • jtimberlake: RT @ms_alyona @jtimberlake Just watched this movie! Amazing! If you had one day left how would you spent it? #InTime
  • jtimberlake: Pumpkin pie… especially with it’s made with cinnamon and nutmeg. And can’t forget the eggnog! #InTime @alygrl6983
  • jtimberlake: RT @alygrl6983 @jtimberlake What is your favorite holiday dessert?…mine is pumpkin pie!:) #InTime
  • jtimberlake: They are both equally grueling schedules, but you go on tour after promoting an album. Promoting music is twice as hard. #InTime
  • jtimberlake: RT @jaycie_alanna @jtimberlake How does promoting a movie compare to promoting an album? #InTime
  • jtimberlake: A lot of fun making this movie…it would be the action sequences and working with great actors. #InTime
  • jtimberlake: RT @rockerpoet77 @jtimberlake What was your favorite part of doing this film? #InTime
  • jtimberlake: Showtime! #InTime
  • jtimberlake: One hour to go…reply with your questions and #InTime now. Be creative!
  • jtimberlake: .@InTimeMovie is out and the Twitter Q&A is tonight @ 7:30pm ET! Send me your questions with #InTime now.
  • jtimberlake: RT @jimmykimmel: Tonight on #JKL @JTimberlake #InTime, Rebecca Romijn & music from @TheFray
  • jtimberlake: Time for another Twitter Q&A…reply with your questions and #InTime. I’ll start answering them Friday @ 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT.

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Realmente tuvo un detalle contestando esos tweetts. A muchos de nosotros nos alegró la tarde jajajaja Ahora vendrá a España a promocionar su nueva película. Y la primera parada será "El Hormiguero 3.0". No os lo perdaís eh jajaja

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