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Entrevista de ASN tras anunciar los Globos de Oro

El cantante fue entrevistado por la corresponsal de Awards Show Network, tras el anuncio de las nominaciones de los Globos de Oro. El cantante reconoció que no sabe si estará presente durante la entrega de los premios, el próximo mes de enero, y compartió con la cámara alguno de sus propósitos para 2010.

Download: Entrevista, Nominaciones Globos de Oro (67 edición) (15 Diciembre 2009)

Zing! Justin Timberlake Goes for Laughs During Globes Job

There are presenters — those who simply read the material — and there are performers — those who add their own personal flourishes to delivering the list of Golden Globe nominees, as Justin Timberlake so ably proved Tuesday morning.

Sliding some of his own observations into his announcements, the musician, 28, said while naming those who received nods in the music categories: «Paul McCartney — you may have heard of him», and «Bono — You may have heard of him, as well».

He also managed a quick little sound effect before announcing the major motion picture drama nominees. Said Timberlake, «Impromptu drumroll».

As those who watched the nominations on TV were able to witness, when Timberlake read out the name of nominee Emily Blunt for her role in The Young Victoria, he quickly cast a glance at fellow presenter John Krasinki (who is Blunt’s fiancé) and quipped, «Ho, ho, ho! Somebody’s going to have a good night tonight».

Afterwards, when asked if there had been anyone in particular he was rooting for, Timberlake said, «I’m such a Jeff Bridges fan, so it was great to see him get a nomination [for dramatic leading actor in Crazy Heart]. And — I don’t know. I have to catch up on some movie-watching as well».

He later said, «I have not gotten to see Precious yet, but I’m very excited about it. A good friend of mine, Mr. Jamie Foxx, told me it was fantastic, so I will be getting to the theater to see it».

Will Check Schedule
As for whether he’ll attend the Jan. 17 ceremony, which NBC will broadcast live from Beverly Hills, Timberlake said he first needs to check his calendar.

«I’m not sure», he said. «I have to get through New Year’s, and I don’t know my schedule for January and February yet, so .».. It was pointed out that he’s a busy person, prompting Timberlake to respond, «I am a busy person, yes».

Too busy to make any New Year’s resolutions?

«It’s not so much a resolution as a realization», he said. «In 2010 I’m going to try to put as little responsibility on myself as possible. How’s that? I’m going to under-promise myself in 2010, so if it goes well, I’ll think, ‘Oh, my God!'».

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