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Críticas de FutureSex/LoveShow: San Diego, 8 de enero


Let me start off by saying that this show was the most AMAZING thing i’ve ever seen ! Justin sure worked his ass off the whole show, but it was just.. WOW ! Justin said he wanted to set a club feeling to it and he definitely succeeded ! The stage setup was very interesting ! As Johnny Wright said, the stage itself is a performer. Every seat in the house gets a great view of him! Lower Level seats were really close (the ones where the ramps come out)! The stage probably went in 4 rows of the LL. There were times when Justin would walk to the far ends and he’d touch some of the fans hands. But in my opinion, I think sitting in LL or the Loge is better than GA because you get a clear view of Justin on the whole stage, rather than just one side. The show was INCREDIBLE and if I could, I would want to go and watch it again. I tried taking pictures, but a lot of them came out blurry and I wasn’t close enough. I’m still in the process of uploading them. I took a lot of videos, but I’m pretty sure the audio is terrible. Regardless, he’s gorgeous to look at. I also took part in the backstage & soundcheck. I promise I’ll edit this post and add more stuff when it becomes available.

Here’s the setlist:

FutureSex/LoveSound (I LOVE the opening! You hear Justin’s voice saying “future. sex. love. sound” slowly and then it gets faster.)
Like I Love You
My Love (very much like the version performed at the Victoria Secret show)
Justin and his band make a toast to San Diego for their hospitality !
Heartbreak Hotel — a dedication to Elvis Presley’s birthday
Sexy Ladies (He plays the “keytar!”)
Until the End of Time
What Goes Around.. (I really LOVED the beginning. Justin is AMAZING with the piano. Justin rotated around and so did this big circula thing with lights.. sorry I don’t know what it’s called. haha)
.. Comes Around Interlude (one of my FAVORITE parts.. He puts one of the cameras to his face and.. WOW.. loved it! He gave the middle finger !)
Chop Me Up feat. Timbaland (Three 6 Mafia’s part was just Justin beatboxing..)
Timbaland Beat Session — Shock Value March 2007 (somewhat of an intermission, but it felt like a club ! There was a little dedication to Aaliyah and it was sweet. )
Rock Your Body (awesome light show!)
Set the Mood Right Prelude
Take it From Here
Last Night
Damn Girl (I’m sure Justin had fun with this one.. with all the dancing. He got somewhat of a lapdance too.. or maybe I was seeing wrong. haha)
Summer Love
Losing My Way (there was a choir singing on the screens but not in person..)
Cry Me a River (Yes, Justin says “f’in w/ my head” instead of “messin”)
Lovestoned (when Justin was walking past the bar, a fan literally grabbed his ass! He looked back, smiled, and pointed at the person! )
I Think She Knows Interlude
SexyBack feat. Timbaland (He does say motherfker. This show was pretty much not one to bring the whole family to. )

Encore: (Another Song) All Over Again
Justin thanked San Diego so much for making tonight “the greatest night of his life.”

UNFORTUNATELY, taking pictures backstage was prohibited, but we were allowed to take pictures during soundcheck. So let me talk about backstage/soundcheck!

I met with Renee, she said she heads Just In Time Entertainment and she was just so cheerful and nice!

I met Dre, Justin’s road manager and his security — Todd, Tiny, and Earl. They were so funny too! Dre and the security took us through the backstage tour.

Dre told us that there are about 18-20 buses on this tour. I was able to take a picture of probably 5 of ‘em outside. I got to see all the television screens and I thought that was cool. I THINK I saw Steve Fatone, Joey’s brother.. I’m not sure. I didn’t want to be like “HEY! Aren’t you..?” and then he wasn’t.

I passed by Pink and Timbaland’s dressing rooms. I got to see the inside of Justin’s dressing room, but he wasn’t there. I got to see his rack of clothes for the show. I don’t think he wears all of them though because I didn’t recognize it. Something that stood out to me was a pink belt and a shirt (I think?) with skulls on it. He sure did have a lot of his sneakers with him. I saw at LEAST 15 pairs and I felt like I wanted to grab one of them to add to my own sneaker collection.

I got to see the “kitchen” area. Justin has his own caterers that travel on the road with him, so I thought that was cool. Dre told us that they basically like to eat chicken.

I saw Marty Kudelka and me, being the dork I am, I waved at him when he was walking past, but he didn’t wave back Dre introduced him to us and Marty didn’t say much. All he said was “Have a great time at the show.”

We met Annie, Justin’s stylist and Jason B, Justin’s personal trainer. I already recognized Jason from pictures from a few years ago, but Dre introduced them to us. They didn’t really talk with us. I think they were all just shy.. or they just didn’t have anything to say.

I saw Lynn Harless, Justin’s mom. She was walking quickly somewhere though. It was later at the show when I got to meet her and take a picture with her. Then it was on to soundcheck..

We got to see Justin play Another Song and What Goes Around. I didn’t know we were allowed to take pictures so I only started taking pictures during WGA and they werent the full songs! I was hoping to hear/see more, but that’s all we got. Afterwards, Justin took group pictures — NO individual pictures. We were called to take group pictures. I was in the first shot. At first, we thought it was just going to be us, but then Renee was like, “Make room for Justin in the middle!” And me and my sister were in shock ‘cause we were in the middle. So Justin walks over to me and my sister and he’s like “Can I squeeze in?” Ahhhh, me and my sister were just.. dumbfounded. haha. I wished he stood next to me, but then he went to the back! Oh well.. Justin was wearing his black “Forget me not” hoodie! Oh, and in the picture, I’m really not that short. I had to bend my knees a little so I wouldn’t cover the girls behind me, but I guess I was still too tall.

Oh, and the whole group that got to go backstage and/or soundcheck, we were able to get through separately from the huge line. The security checked us leniently, but I hid my camera down my shirt beforehand. I heard of some people with problems getting their camera in. There was this one girl that was sitting in front of me that begged me to email her the pics I was taking.


All right kiddies, I was there too tonight, with my non-VIP GA tickets… and I’m proud to say that I came home bruise-less and I didn’t throw one punch.

THE SHOW WAS AMAZING! My friend and I took a different approach with where to stand – since we have VIP for the Vegas show, we hung to the back of the GA floor. We made use of the space to dance and have a great time and we still had a pretty awesome (and seemingly close) view. Really though, at any time I could go to where everyone else was standing and I probably wouldn’t be any more than 10 people away from the barricade separating GA from VIP.

Logistical info: – At the venue, they separated the entrances: North entrance for GA floor or VIP floor; East, West, and South entrance for all seated tickets. Look for signs when you get to the venue.
– I bought my tickets through the FC and there was NO early entrance. HOWEVER, I was at the end of a long line and even after I got in the venue, went to the bathroom, and made my way down to the floor, there were plenty of places to stand where there were only one or two people between you and the barricade. This was the situation for about a half an hour before the show started.
– As cliche as it sounds, I think every seat is a good seat. I almost regret not purchasing LL tickets because all I was pulling up were the corner sections… but those seats were probably great. I did enjoy the floor space, though! A very different concert experience.

The stage itself is a sight to behold. The design team did a great job putting it together… if you can imagine this, there are these huge sheets that hang from the ceiling, forming a curtain around the central part of the stage and half-moon by each of the bars. For certain songs, depending on the choreography, the sheets are lowered and used as screens… but you can still see what’s going on through the sheets. For example, JT played Senorita on the piano (of course) center stage, and two of the four curtains around the stage were lowered. You could still see him through the sheets, via the lights and such, but he was magnified and projected onto the sheets too. Justin and all the dancers and band members all make great use of the stage too, really using every part equally – as far as I could tell, at least.

My faves: – Justin and company doing his toast to San Diego… it was most definitely tequila. (I’ll get a picture of that up soon).
– The interlude after “What Goes Around…” – Justin takes a mini camera and films himself, and it’s projected on the big sheets – it’s very scary movie Blair Witch-ish.
– Timbaland’s “set” – like you’re at a club and Timbaland’s your DJ! What could be better?

BTW, my friend and I got REALLY lucky because we were standing in the corner of the arena that Justin, all of the dancers, and Timbaland used to get backstage. There’s no way to get from the stage to the backstage area without walking right through the floor, so security set up barriers to get them offstage after the show. We just happened to be in the right corner. I don’t know if there’s a way to tell which corner it is when you get there, b/c the stage is perfectly symmetrical and everything looks the same from every side. I got high-fives from a few dancers, Timbaland and entourage, and a nice glimpse of Mr. Timberlake himself… but no high-five from him. Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all.

And I’m pretty sure they wheeled Justin out in one of those big black crates at the beginning of the show, similar to what they did in the Celebrity tour (if any of you saw that in the DVD).

Oh! I had no problem getting my camera in, but they were REALLY strict when people took them out to take pictures. There seemed to be lots of camera-phone pictures that security didn’t really care about, but they’re pretty crazy about digital cameras. A girl next to me was thisclose to getting kicked out, and I saw two other people escorted out because of cameras. I decided I better put mine away, but not before I got off a couple of good shots. Those will be up soon.

I must say that I bought WAY too much merchandise. the red track jacket is cute, but it was $75 and I already spent $145 on two t-shirts, the program, and a magnet. The grey shirt I got for free from the backstage/soundcheck thing. The tour program is BIG. loaded with pictures of Justin! There are some pages you can rip out too, like a film strip!


Okay. So I’m back after driving two and a half hours from San Diego back to Malibu. I still can’t believe I did that and now I’m still awake…but I can’t go to sleep. Tonight was totally amazing!

Okay so here we go. It’ll be long, but ya’ll will have to deal with it.

I got to the venue super early (because in California your life revolves around traffic) and so I didn’t have to pay for parking which was super nice. I asked box office about VIP stuff and they had no idea what the hell that was about so it might be different with each venue you go to. I figured since my ticket said VIPFAN on it, I might get in early, get extra dibs on stuff, but that wasn’t the case. I purchased my tickets through AEG VIP crap and so yeah…different than ILAA.

But my seats were amazingly close and yeah, it was great fun. The stage is really something to marvel at for the first twenty minutes. It looks like a normal little stage but really…there’s so much more to it. Security was pretty tight at this concert but I managed to get my camera in (shoved it into my boots) and throughout the duration of the show I took pictures and wasn’t bothered at all. I’ll get those up sometime tomorrow or within the week. I’m too tired and I don’t have the patience to do it now

It was interesting to watch everyone in GA and the VIP Bar area. There wasn’t really a lot of pushing and it seemed pretty subdued. I spotted Johnny walking back and forth and people were running up to him and hugging him. He had no idea who the hell they were but he was just pimping and working the huge arena. I saw him give a group of girls VIP Bar tickets and they proceeded to freak out. It was pretty cute.

Also saw Rachel walking through the crowd with a big ass cup of tea or coffee or something in her hands. Guessing Justin needed something to warm up with. And yeah, they roll him out in a case. It went right in front of me and there were enormous body guards trying to look inconspicuous around it. I just laughed because yeah…

Pink did a really good set, but I’m not going to talk about her as much seeing as the main reason why I was there was because of Mr. Justin. I have his entrance on film (as well as various other parts of the concert) and that will be up on youtube sometime tomorrow as well.

But he was spot on with his performances. The dancers were great, the band was incredible and I really, really enjoyed it. But he quoted Anchorman talking about “San Di-Ago” and then went “I’m not going to finish that.” Part of me wanted him to say ‘whale’s vagina’ but I think I would have fallen on my butt.

Sang “Heartbreak Hotel” which was phenomenal. Did a shot with his band members before getting started with more of his set. Timbaland came out for “Chop Me Up.” And the two just partied on stage. Lots of audience interaction this time around and they both play off each other and the crowd so well.

Maybe I’m the only one who felt this, but I wasn’t really digging the ‘intermission’ portion of the concert. Yeah, I understand that Justin needs to have a breather and stuff, but I was just so out of it with the whole ‘club intermission’ thingy that they did. Maybe because I was sitting by myself and didn’t know anyone in my section, or it could have been the people sitting next to me were pretty much dead. I don’t know, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Eh.

But he came back with a gusto for the second half and it was pretty much amazing. He played piano, guitar, and the cool piano/guitar thing throughout the show. And the boy danced and danced and danced and danced….it was mind boggling to see how good he was. And I’m sorry, but I’m glad he played “Gone.” I adore that song and it’s good to know that he still acknowledges where he got his big break

“SexyBack” kicked all sorts of ass and I was dancing and just carrying on. It was fantastic.

So my favorites of the night:

“LoveStoned” – Pretty much my favorite song. Ever.
“Cry Me a River” – If only for the sole part where Justin goes ‘all of the things people told me keep @#%$ with my head’ instead of ‘messin’ And then of course they rock out and…guh I love that new rendition.
“What Goes Around” – Grabbing that mini camera…it was so cool. You were pretty much in his face.

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